Free To Air is a feeling, an idea, a vision, but most of all it’s a Belgian clothing brand for women and men, which is eco-friendly and produced in a fair manner.

The brand offers quality products that are screen printed and embroidered in Antwerp, Belgium, such as t-shirts with original visuals, polos, bags and accessories.

Free To Air distinguishes itself through quality, through its ecological and responsible approach but also through the fact that, by offering color variations, women and men can share the same visuals.
Those variations will be offered during off-seasons. So it will be highly possible to find women’s pieces in the men’s collection and vice versa.

Additionally, Free To Air is a brand made for everyone. That’s why our products are available in a wide range of styles but also sizes.

Whether you are a teenager, a mom entrepreneur or a retiree, there will definitely be a Free To Air for you.



Free To Air is designed by Anderson Claeys, aka MUKE, a 32-year-old artist from Brussels passionate about graphic design and a graphic t-shirt aficionado.

The origin of Free To Air comes from his simple desire to create custom t-shirts for friends and for himself after having worked in the printing industry.
That simple desire finally
became a much more ambitious project a few years later.